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Herd Health

Recently, we have asked for suggestions on how we could provide a better service to you. Based on those answers, we have decided to initiate a new Herd Health program. For those of you that would like to recognize a savings, we will offer a 20 % discount when a cash or check payment is collected at the time of the visit. Services that the herd health discount applies to include vaccinations, routine teeth floating, coggins tests and will be recognized on the farm or at the clinic.

One-Year Deworming Package

A complete one-year deworming package, which includes six paste dewormers, pre-labeled for every other month. The deworming package follows our doctors' recommended drug rotation to prevent parasite drug resistance and incorporates the latest, most effective drugs to protect your horses against internal parasites. The one-year deworming package is available at our clinic for $75.00- stop by and purchase your deworming package today!

Online Pharmacy

Southern Pines Equine Associates is excited to announce the opening of our new and improved online pharmacy. In these difficult economic times, we are sensitive to your need to reduce the costs of managing your horse's health and well being. At the same time, we recognize your commitment to maintain the same level of care, providing what is necessary for peak performance and maximum quality of life. We offer a vast array of products and are committed to providing you the most convenient and economical option for your     pharmaceutical needs.

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